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Teach Tearmainn provide a variety of support services for women who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse.


Teach Tearmainn operate a confidential helpline service to women and external agencies, families/friends ring on behalf of women who looking for information and advice about their situation and experiences of domestic violence and abuse. The helpline service also provides:

  • Practical and emotional support
  • Information, advocacy and referral to appropriate services.
  • Referral to refuge or other services.

Refuge Accommodation

Teach Tearmainn have 4 self-contained refuge apartments. The purpose of refuge is to provide women and families with a temporary place of safety or shelter. The apartments offer facilities such as a kitchen/living room, laundry facilities and outdoor garden area. One to one psych-educational support is provided to families availing of our refuge accommodation.


Information and Support Service

Teach Tearmainn offer a community-based support service that enables women experiencing domestic violence and abuse to access the necessary supports required to remain safely in their own home. This service is offered in Teach Tearmainn offices or on an Outreach basis. This service can be accessed in various locations across Co. Kildare. The types of supports provided in our Information and Support, and Outreach Service include:

  • Practical and emotional support
  • Safety Planning
  • Psychoeducational Support
  • Advocacy
  • Psychoeducational Support
  • Information on legal, housing, social welfare, rights and entitlements,
  • Referrals to other services

Group Support

Teach Tearmainn currently provide a domestic violence and abuse support group to women in the Kildare Region. Currently, Teach Tearmainn deliver a 10 week ‘Strength in Numbers’ group support programme in partnership with the Tusla PPFS department. If you are interested in joining a group or would like more information, please contact us.

Court Accompaniment Service

The legal system and court process can be a daunting prospect. Knowing your rights and entitlements, as well as understanding how the system works and what you can expect when you go before the courts can ease some stress and pressure for women experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

Teach Tearmainn offers court clinic at Naas Court. The following support can be provided:

  • Advice on legal orders, court process, court application process.
  • Court Accompaniment- (application/ court hearing) in District and Circuit Court.
  • Assistance in legal aid application
  • Information and Referral to Information and Support Service, Outreach, Refuge, and Children’s Support Service.
  • Post Court Support/Debrief.

IF you require support, or would like to speak to a staff member about any of the above services, please http://www.teachtearmainn.ie/contact-us/


Many people know someone who they suspect is being abused. Often, we do not know what to say or do to help. This can be difficult, as many women keep the abuse a secret.

There are some warning signs which may indicate that someone you care for is living with abuse, such as:

  • They seem afraid
  • They avoid conversations about their relationship
  • They seem increasingly isolated from their friends and family
  • Their partner constantly checks in with them to see where they are and who they are with
  • Take may make excuses for visible marks or bruises
  • They seem anxious to return home
  • They become defensive when confronted with negative feedback about partner
  • They blame themselves for things

What to do:

  • Express concern in a non-judgemental manner
  • Explain to her that she is not alone and that there are many women like her in the same situation
  • Stress that you understand and want to provide support
  • Ask open ended questions; do not interrogate her
  • Emphasise her strengths
  • Trust that she knows what is safe for her
  • Listen without interrupting
  • Tell her that no one deserves to be abused – despite what her abuser has told her. Nothing she can say or do can justify her abuser’s behaviour
  • Provide her with our Helpline number

If you are ever concerned for the immediate well-being or safety of a friend or a neighbour, please call the GARDAI on 999 or 112

If you would like more information or advice, please contact us (click here to contact page)


Domestic Violence and Abuse affects many families in Ireland. If you are working with a woman, child or young person who discloses domestic violence, or if you suspect that someone is experiencing domestic violence and abuse, we can assist you. Please contact our service to speak with a member of our team. Many families who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse may be at significant risk of harm. The safety and well-being of women and children is always our priority. A member of our team can offer you guidance and support in addressing the issue of domestic violence and abuse in a safe way.


Teach Tearmainn provide domestic violence and abuse training and information sessions to organisations, clubs and schools. Training and information sessions can be tailored to your individual needs. For more information or to make a booking, please click here (link to contact us page)