Our Services

Refuge and Safe Home Services

Teach Tearmainn have 4 self-contained refuge units which accommodate 4 families who are fleeing their homes as a result of domestic violence and abuse. Teach Tearmainn’s refuge provides safe emergency accommodation for women with or without children. We also have 2 Safe Homes in the community.

Play Area at our Refuge

Women’s Support & Outreach Service

Our Support & Outreach service offers a community based support that enables women experiencing domestic abuse to access the necessary supports required to remain safely in their own home. This service also offers an ongoing support service to women post-refuge who return home or relocate elsewhere.

Court Accompaniment Service

The legal system and court process can be a daunting prospect for anyone. Our Court Accompaniment and Preparation Service offers advice on legal orders, court process, court application process. We provide Court Accompaniment (application/court hearing) in the District and Circuit Courts.

Women’s Group Support

Teach Tearmainn deliver the Own Your Life group which is a support group for women that have experienced domestic abuse or may still be living with an abuser. It is a safe and confidential place for women to meet other women that have been or are in similar situations to each other. It is a very powerful group experience and can change the way you feel about the abuse you have experienced, giving you the insight to stop blaming yourself and concentrate on regaining your confidence. If you are interested in possibly joining one of our groups. please email ownmylife@teachtearmainn.ie or phone our Helpline on 045-527584. To learn more about the group please click on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcTFf6DBH0k

Children’s Support & Outreach Service

We provide children and young people with a safe and caring space to explore and understand their feelings and experiences and the impact of Domestic abuse in their lives.

Parental Support

Teach Tearmainn understands the complexities and difficulty with parenting in the context of domestic abuse. Our Children’s Support Worker will work alongside mothers to support and guide them through any difficulties which may arise.

TLC KIDZ Children’s Group Support

Teach Tearmainn coordinate the TLC KIDZ group. TLC Kidz is a domestic abuse recovery programme for children and young people who have experienced Domestic Violence and Abuse, For more information on the TLC KIDZ programme, please see the leaflet attached. If you may be interested in participating in a group then please complete the referral form below and email it to tlckidz@teachtearmainn.ie or telephone Niamh on 087-6337148.

One Million Stars Project Ireland

One Million Stars Ireland project is an inclusive community arts project connecting communities across Ireland in solidarity against domestic abuse and all forms of violence.  Each eight-point star woven represents light, hope and solidarity against violence, promoting our project’s eight points of healthy love within relationships.  We aim to spread love and hope for a future free from violence and abuse for all in our community. If you would like to organize or participate in a Star Weaving Group in Kildare, please email onemillionstars@teachtearmainn.ie

All Supports for Women & Children can be accessed by calling our HELPLINE on 045-527584

Supports for Professionals

We provide support and information to professionals who may be working with someone who is experiencing Domestic Violence and abuse. To speak with a staff member, please call our Helpline on 045-527584

Are You Concerned for a Friend or Loved One?

We provide support and information to people who are concerned for a friend or loved one, that may be experiencing Domestic Violence and Abuse. For more information, please call our Helpline on 045-527584

Are You Abusing Your Partner?

Are you concerned about your behaviour towards your partner or other family members? Are you worried that you may be abusive? It takes strength to admit that you are abusing your partner. But if you really want to change, you can. There are organisations who can give you support, including Men Ending Domestic Violence. For more information click here

Support for Men

While Teach Tearmainn provide support services to women and children who are experiencing Domestic Violence and abuse, we acknowledge that men also experience domestic violence and abuse. We refer all men who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse to Men’s Aid Ireland. Men’s Aid Ireland is a dedicated national support service for men and their families experiencing Domestic Violence in Ireland. For more information please click hereT

Training & Workshops

Teach Tearmainn provide training and workshops to organisations, community groups and schools. These workshops can be tailored to suit your requirements but are primarily focused on Domestic Violence and Abuse / Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships. For more information, or to book a workshop please contact us.