Teach Tearmainn offers short-term emergency accommodation for women with, or without children, who are at risk of further harm from domestic violence. You will find a safe haven at Teach Tearmainn – a home where you and your children can heal the physical and emotional scars and begin the process of rebuilding your lives, supported by experienced and friendly staff.

Living in a Refuge is never the same as being in your own home, but we have created an environment that is safe and welcoming. We have 4 self-contained apartments – all fully furnished to a high standard. You do not have to worry about bringing anything with you, we will provide all basic necessities like food, and clothing, toiletries and baby needs until you get on your feet.


In a domestic violence situation; fighting back is not your answer. A safe exit is


Dr. Phil

Teach Tearmainn will provide a safe place, support for abused women with or without children,

community outreach services and access to practice-based research in our shared goal to end domestic violence.